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  1. Is this Kabbalah Water?
  2. Can you drink BlueH2O, the Ari mikve water?
  3. What are some of the claims about Ari Mikve water?
  4. Why do you say that blue is the color that protects against the evil eye? What about the red threads?

Is this Kabbalah Water?

No, this is not Kabbalah water. Kabbalah water is a product of the Kabbalah Center, with which is not at all affiliated.

Our water is pure Mikve Ari water drawn directly from the natural fresh water spring which bubbles forth in a ravine below the present Old City of Tsfat. A pamphlet from the Tsfat (Safad) Municipality states that the archaeologist Emmanual Damati theorizes that the Jewish Quarter of Safad first built up next to this spring. Ancient tradition relates that the Ari immersed in this spring every Friday.

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Can you drink AriH2O, the Ari mikve water?

We do not recommend drinking the water. To maintain the ritual purity and mystical powers attributed to this special mikve water, we do not purify or filter it at all. The Ari Mikve is fed by a fresh water spring, but is not harvested for drinking water. Please do not drink the water.

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What are some of the claims about Ari Mikve water?

There are many stories about healing of long term disabilities, sudden illnesses, and improvement of chronic conditions surrounding the mikve waters of the Ari Mikve.

The most well known claim is found in Rabbi Chaim Vital's writings (he was the main student of the Arizal, and wrote down the Ari's teachings) that anyone who immerses in the mikve will certainly repent before leaving this world. has presented here statements and claims anyone can read, find, and hear. Even our detractors claim "Many miracles are recounted by those who come to purify themselves in it's freezing waters". does not make any claims about the mikve or the water. The cobalt blue keepsake bottle with accompanying certificate of authenticity is a special keepsake of this holy place. If you have visited the Ari Mikve, or if you may never actually get here, this keepsake is your "little piece" of a special place.

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Why do you say that blue is the color that protects against the evil eye? What about the red threads?

The tradition surrounding the read thread has to do with Rachel's tomb. This is a long standing tradition, having little to do with the color red, rather the strings were identifiable as those that had been wrapped around the tomb. This is not a contradiction to the red thread, it is just a different tradition.

Blue has been the traditional color to ward away the Evil Eye in many Middle Eastern cultures for centuries, including Turkey and Greece. The color has long been believed to protect from the evil eye. While there are certain reasons given on the majority of websites about blue against the evil eye, there is another that makes more sense for the Galilee region of Northern Israel.

In the battle of the Israelites and the Amalekites (Exodus 17:8-12), Moses held up his staff and the Israelites triumphed. When his arms tired, the Israelites fell. All the credit is given to the fact that when Moses held up the staff, the Israelites looked to the blue heavens, and this reminded them of the true source of their protection. Likewise when the plague of snakes was sent in the desert (Numbers 21:9), the bronze snake on the staff was raised. All who looked up to view it were saved from the poison of the snake bite as they gazed toward the blue heavens and put their concentration on the true healing Power (Babylonian Talmud Rosh Hashana 29a).

In earlier times the ritual fringes of the four cornered garment (tsitsit) had a blue thread (techelet). Blue was specified because blue resembles the color of the sea, the sea resembles the color of the sky, and the sky resembles the color of a sapphire, and a sapphire resembles the color of the Throne of Glory. The blue thread would remind them to concentrate upon heaven (Babylonian Talmud Menahoth 43b).

Thus historically the town of Tsfat, where the Arizal taught and expounded upon the secrets of the Zohar, has painted its walls a light blue. When asking local residents why the walls are blue, the local tradition combines the reason that the blue is protective against the Evil Eye with the idea that travelers would look up at the hill, and see the blue of the walls against the blue of heaven and think of the upper realms. sells Ari Mikve water in an attractive blue bottle to aid you in keeping the higher waters in mind always.

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