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Authentic Mikve Ari Water in an Attractive Cobalt Blue Bottle

Purchase a keepsake blue bottle that will be your own "piece" of this special place. If you've been to the Mikve Ari, here is your chance to have a momento. If you will not be able to visit the Mikve in remote Tsfat, this is your chance to have a tiny bit of it come to you.

The book "Rabbeinu Ha'Arizal" by N. Tz. Safrai (1987) claims that Mikve Ari is known for: does not make any claims, we are just reporting what we have read elsewhere. Our main goal is to provide you with an attractive keepsake of the Ari Mikve, which by anyone's description is a special place.

Complete with Certificate of Authenticity

Each bottle contains 5 ml of pure Mikve Ari water straight from the spring outlet in the mikve. Talmudic law tells that a minimum volume for a person to purify in a mikve is 40 seah. According to many sources, 40 seah is about 360 liters.

This is the first site offering this special water for sale

Get your Original AriH2o while there are no copycats, we have no doubt others will follow!

Satisfaction Guaranteed. If there is any problem due to shipping, we will send you another bottle of Arih2o free. Just contact us and let us know what the problem was with the product we have shipped to you.

Current online price is $10 per bottle, including shipping and handling. We will soon also have an ebay auction available to offer this fantastic product at the bid price you choose.

Orders are processed securely by Google Checkout or PayPal.

Google Checkout is a leading online transaction host due to their superior security, privacy, and ease of use. The name of our parent corporation will be the merchant name: Google* The Dynamic Co.

PayPal is owned by, and is one of the oldest, most trusted payment processors online. There is no charge to you for using either payment method. With PayPal, you can purchase without a PayPal account using your credit card.

Both payment processors have the advantage of not exposing your financial information during transactions. We pay a small fee on each purchase for them to transfer your payment securely to us. It's a win-win-win situation for you to be able to order online, for us to easily process orders, and for Google or Paypal to apply their superior technology for everybody's security.

Shipping is directly from Israel, by our agents. You must live in a country to which it is legal to ship from Israel. If you are not sure, visit the Israel Postal Authority, and check the drop down box of countries listed. There are no problems shipping to any US, Canada, Australia, or European destinations.

Buy Securely Online While Supplies Last

We apologize, we are currently restructuring and will not be selling any more Ari Mikve Water in a cobalt blue bottle. If you are interested in purchasing the business, please contact us.

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