Mikve Ari Holy Water

Ari Mikve Holy Water

Keepsake Blue Bottles of Ari Mikve Water

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water from the mikve ari

The Ari Mikve: Famous natural spring mikve in Safed / Tzfat

In the mystical city of Tsfat, during the late 1500's, Kabbalah blossomed through the great teachings of such spiritual giants as R' Moshe Cordovera (the Ramack), R' Chaim Vital (Etz Chaim), and his master R' Isaac Luria (the Arizal, or just The Ari). To this day, the ancient sites of synagogues, mikves, and the views of the mountains that inspired liturgy such as "L'cha Dodi" exist and can be a great source of spiritual inspiration.

The Holy Ari Mikve

The Holy Ariz"l is considered by many to be the leading source for understanding the Zohar. In the teachings attributed to him and set in writing by his pupil Chaim Vital, he brings many Kavanot, inner spiritual contemplations. Rabbi Arye Kaplan states in his book Meditation and Kabbalah that these Kavanot are meant to bring one to the Upper Spiritual Realms (pg. 214). Immersing in a mikve is used to this day to achieve ritual and spiritual purity. Rabbi Chaim Schloss, in the book "2000 Years of Jewish History", tells that the Ari mikveh is "one of the special holy places" in the Land of Israel, and that it is believed by many to be a source of blessing and health (pg. 162). A well known metaphysical claim (segula) is that anyone who immerses in the Ari Mikve "will repent completely before leaving this world".

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to purchase your very own keepsake bottle of Ari Mikve water. The water is drawn on the eve of the New Moon, to maximize the spiritual powers of repentance. There are many popular historical claims of the spiritual and physical blessings bestowed by the Ari mikve. These are attested to by the fact that many pilgrims and visitors from all over the world continue to visit the mikve. Daily throngs of visitors seek health, happiness, spiritual enlightenment, and material prosperity. The waters of the Ari mikve serve as a focal point for prayers and meditation.

The Ari Mikve is supplied by a natural spring in a ravine below the Old City of Tsfat, the birthplace of Kabbalah as it is known today. The mikve is cold all year round due to this natural source. AriH2o is gathered directly from the outlet of the spring and packaged in an attractive blue bottle. Blue has long been the most common color used to protect against the Evil Eye in the Middle East region, as it reminds one to direct intention toward heaven.

The Mystical Lower Waters, Upper Waters, and the Secret of Mikve

The universe is most often recognized as having both physical and spiritual attributes. The divisions, differences, and particulars of our physical reality contradict a deep sense of unity within the Universe. Kaballah subtly describes the division of the "upper realms" and the "lower realms" and how we can access the spiritual power of the upper realms.

AriH2o.com will help you learn more about the separation of the upper and lower waters and you may purchase your own Ari Mikve Water today with our secure online ordering system.

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